Fighting war is no longer the best choice. It is a very intense thing, and everyone is not encouraged to fight.How to make money in bitcoin,Today, when content entrepreneurship is so popular, what about the press releases that directly promote corporate image and corporate products? Press releases are directly used to make money, and the essence of content entrepreneurship is to make money from content. From the starting point, the two are basically the same, but, Why do people prefer to advertise themselves as content entrepreneurs, but shy away from advertisment creation? Let's take a look at the history of "Luo Ji Thinking". "Luo Ji Thinking" has aired more than 200 episodes, many of which are used for A book seller, and Fatty Luo would always say that this book sold thousands of copies, and that book sold tens of thousands of ……8 million fans, naturally there will be a field of praise for Fatty Luo, but if you start from the book In terms of pricing, "It's an indisputable fact that Luo Ji Siwei's books are expensive!" So I doubt the ability of "Luo Ji Siwei" to sell books.

Compared with the content "producer" or "porter", "doing the account" is a more vivid expression.How to make money in bitcoin