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  From a gift of 2,000 yuan in the early years , to some people offering a 20,000 yuan New Year red envelope each year; from the receipt of a shopping card from the boss thanking her for the service, to the acceptance of the bullion sent by a subordinate to thank her for adjusting her position ... According to statistics, from 1998 to 2018 , around the Spring Festival each year, Zhuge Huiyan received nearly 1.1 million yuan in various funds and gifts from others . This does not include the red envelopes sent by his son when he was studying abroad, getting married, and his grandson's full moon, as well as the money that was stuffed in the name of overseas expenses during his study abroad.tetherball and rope,  "Foreign anti-China NGOs often disguise themselves as environmental protection, labor rights, etc. to carry out their activities. Due to the better supervision in the Mainland, they have a hard time playing a role. However, Hong Kong's controls are completely different from those in the Mainland, and their penetration is much deeper." China Lu Xiang , an expert on US issues at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences , told the Global Times - Global Network reporter on the 3rd that the more obvious way for NGOs to get involved in Hong Kong affairs is to provide funds and strategies, train backbones, and leave the "lost Hong Kong elements" behind.